CAMEO is a benchmarking experiment. We do not predict protein structures.
Only fill this form if you are the developer of the prediction server you are attempting to validate.
CAMEO model quality estimation (CAMEO-QE) is intended to continuously evaluate the performance of local model quality assessment programs (MQAPs). CAMEO-QE participant groups can register their methods either as web-server or as standalone package. The assessment is made on models of different accuracy extracted from CAMEO 3D protein structure prediction data collected over different time frames. The reliability of the participating model quality estimation tools is then evaluated by comparing the predicted model accuracy with the observed deviations between the model and the experimental reference structure using various scoring methods developed by the community.

CAMEO-QE: Format Definition

Coordinates of structures to be evaluated are provided in PDB format.

Typically in experimental structural biology, the B-Factor field is used to express the uncertainty of the coordinates (more). Thus, for CAMEO-QE we propose to use the B-Factor field to specify the expected local atomic coordinate of a model. Specifically:

  • Local error estimates should be assigned to all atom coordinate records present in the model;
  • Errors should be expressed as positive distance in A between the model atom and the corresponding atom in the reference structure. (Negative values are considered as “non-predictions”);
  • Error estimates should be inserted into the B-factor field (columns 61-66 in PDB format) without changing any other field in the provided model coordinates. (Remarks and other information can be added using the REMARK fields);
  • Please do not change any other part of the ATOM section

CAMEO-QE: Format Validation

Registration for CAMEO-QE are opened. Before regestering your server you can validate the submission mechanisms and prediction format using the following form: